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Human Capacity Building Grants

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

The Mt Burdett Rural and Regional Advancement Foundation (RRAF) are accepting applications for Human Capacity Building. There are three streams available:

Individual applications

Early-mid career people based in regional WA are invited to apply for funding to help build their skills, confidence and/or networks in order to have a greater impact in their community. You may be such a person or know someone that might be interested. Or you may be a more senior person in your community that can see a person with phenomenal potential that just needs a ‘tap on the shoulder’ and some support in order to do what you can see that they could do! So many possibilities, and we are so keen to help build up those people we all have in our communities that we can see have so much to offer, just need a helping hand to realise their potential! Review the guidelines and application form for more details.

Group applications

This is for anyone who has a project idea that would involve a group of early-mid career people in regional communities in WA. Same guidelines as the individual, but more requirements for the application as it involves more people. Anyone you know may have an amazing idea of a way to build the skills, confidence and/or networks for a group of early-mid career people in their community, to help those people add value and impact in that community - and all that has been stopping them is funding to turn a dream into a reality! You may have an idea yourself, or you might know someone that has an idea that they have been looking to develop. View the guidelines and application form for more information.


RRAF is working alongside Leadership WA this year to offer 2 places on the Leadership WA Rising Leaders Program, to early-mid career people living and/or working in regional WA. So many great reports from people who have participated in these programs in the past, so now is the chance to have a strong contingent of regional dynamos join the program. Check out the application process.

Please note that these opportunities are open to anyone living or working in regional WA and who is ‘early-mid’ stage of whatever their career happens to be. It is not restricted to farming, and not just for those with careers that are based on tertiary qualifications. Passion and vision for the local community is what is being looked for, no matter what the vocation. Our communities rely on our people, and people is what RRAF is all about.

RRAF can be about building your skills if you fit the guidelines yourself. RRAF is equally about energising those of us that have been around a while! Encourage us to help build succession in our communities by building up the skills, confidence and networks of those who we hope will continue to provide energy and time, resulting in impactful outcomes for our regional community for years to come.

Article by Erin Gorter, Chair of the Mt Burdett Rural and Regional Advancement Foundation


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