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Agrifutures Scholarship

To support the future prosperity of Australian agriculture and rural communities, the 2024 Agrifutures Horizon Scholarship, which aims to support the next generation of industry leaders, is now open for applications.

Created in collaboration with industry sponsors, the highly sought after Agrifutures Horizon Scholarship is designed to support full-time university students across Australia who are pursuing agriculture-related undergraduate degrees and STEM degrees with majors aligned to the industry.

The scholarship provides a $5,000 annual bursary for the final two years of the recipient's degree. It also offers opportunities for professional development, industry work placements, exclusive networking events, and participation in industry gatherings.

Previously, the Horizon Scholarship program was open to students in their first two years of tertiary studies, but that has changed for 2024 and is now available to students who are in their final years of study to better connect them with industry networks, providing momentum when entering the workforce.

For 2024, the Mt Burdett Foundation will be sponsoring one student specifically from WA.

To be eligible for the Horizon Scholarship, entrants must be an Australian citizen or permanent resident enrolled full-time in the last two years of an agriculture-related undergraduate degree at an Australian university.

Applications for the scholarship open Monday 20 November 2023, and will close Friday 12 January 2024.

Further information and to apply, visit:


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