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Grants in the Esperance Region

Do you have a project that will make an important impact on the Esperance community?

We support initiatives in: 

  •  Healthcare 

  •  Youth 

  •  Human capacity building 

  •  Education 

  •  Arts & public amenity 

The application process




Are we a fit?

Take a look at our funding guidelines below to decide if the Mt Burdett Esperance Community Foundation is a good fit for your project.


We fund projects in the Shire of Esperance that fall within a set criteria. 

The Committee that reviews applications is made up of members of the Esperance community. They generally meet monthly to review applications.


Get in touch if you have any questions or to find out when the next application deadline is.

Pitch Paper

If you're happy that your project fits the funding criteria, go ahead and let us know about your idea! 


We have a simple "Pitch Paper" for you to give us some initial information about your project.


The Committee will review it at their next meeting and give you some feedback. We'll either invite you to submit a full application or let you know if it's not quite right for us.

Full Application

If you get the green light after submitting your Pitch Paper, you will be invited to submit a full application. 

You will need to give us a thorough overview of your project that includes a full budget breakdown and risk assessment. Take a look at the file below to find out what's in line. 

Some projects are simple, some are more complex - don't be overwhelmed by the documentation! We can guide you through it.

The Committee will review your application and the Foundation will let you know whether we can put funding towards your project.

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