The Vision


Mt Burdett Foundation’s vision is that by investing strategically in new initiatives and people, we create a vibrant, resilient community to ensure a healthy future for the Esperance region and rural and regional Western Australia. 

The Foundation was the concept of Esperance farmer Chris Reichstein, owner of Mount Burdett Farm, who was looking to return some of his good fortune to the community and potentially encourage others who have prospered in the region to do the same. 


Chris's passion for philanthropy was catching and before long he had brought together a core group of people who shared his drive to create positive change. Together they worked to establish the Mt Burdett Foundation and by 2019, succeeded in having the bones of the operation in place.

The Foundation is a charitable organisation funded by income from Mount Burdett Farm and managed by a Board consisting of three members - Chris Reichstein, David Falconer and William Ryan. 

The Board take guidance from two seperate committees that have been set up to review and recommend projects for funding. The Esperance Community Advisory Committee is focused on supporting initiatives in the Esperance region. The Rural and Regional Advancement Foundation Committee cast their net further afield throughout rural and regional WA. Each group works to support projects within set funding criteria.

A Farm Advisory Committee has also been formed with a view to securing the longevity of the Foundation through strong management of the farm as the Foundation's core source of income.


Founder's Intent

The Mt Burdett Foundation has been established as an organisation that will provide benefit to the community for many years to come. A core focus of Founder Chris Reichstein's has been to ensure that the Foundation is set up with a solid grounding and clear direction that can be maintained into the future.

One of the central steps to achieving this has been the development of a Statement of Founder's Intent. This takes the form of a document that provides broad guidance to future Directors and Managers of the Mt Burdett Foundation. It gives them a reference point for the general ideas around Chris's goals and his aspirations for the Foundation, and the Esperance region.

This document is publicly available and gives good insight into what drives the Foundation, the kinds of impact we are targeting and how we work to achieve it.


Our Mission

To enrich and empower the Esperance region and rural and regional Western Australia.

In the Esperance region, we do this by developing and supporting initiatives in the areas of:

  • Healthcare

  • The arts and public amenity

  • Youth

  • Education

  • Human capacity building


Throughout rural and regional Western Australia, we do this by investing in empowering people in early to mid-career to build skills, confidence, opportunity, and leadership.

Guiding Principles


We strive to achieve sustainable impact by:

Investing on a scale that will make a substantial difference to outcomes. Taking a long-term view and persisting utilising an agile framework. Seeking to create enduring, not temporary, change. Taking calculated risks and supporting new ideas for significant change. Focusing on root causes, not symptoms, to foster and facilitate systemic change.


We hold ourselves accountable to the Founder’s Intent document by:

Carrying out our work and responsibilities with uncompromising integrity. Demonstrating the highest standards of conduct. Communicating honestly, respectfully, clearly and in a timely manner. Using the resources entrusted to us responsibly. Demonstrating leadership, vision and a ‘can do’ attitude in the community and wider agricultural sector.


Where possible, we take a systematic, evidence-based approach to: 

Utilising and implementing evidence-based theories of change. Testing our assumptions and challenging our thinking; we adapt to address changing conditions. Evaluating our impact, learning and improving, we establish outcomes which we can measure using both quantitative and qualitative approaches. Consistently implementing full cycles of planning, execution, evaluation, and improvement, we learn from both our successes and failures. We strive to stay well informed and make decisions on the basis of knowledge, analysis, external input and objective due diligence.


We seek and foster collaboration with respect and purpose by: 

Recognising that maximum impact is achieved through our collaborative efforts. Working with others, respecting their ideas, values and time. Listening to varying points of view, including those that may differ from our own to challenge our thinking. We encourage innovative ideas and diverse thinking, proactively looking outside our sphere of influence for ingenious ways to achieve our goals.


The Team

Mt Burdett Foundation is predominantly driven by volunteers, with a little help from an Executive Officer. Huge thanks goes to all those involved for their time and commitment to seeing the Foundation succeed and for giving back to our community. Click on a committee below to find out more about its members.

 Chair: Chris Reichstein 

 David Falconer 

 William Ryan 

Sarah Brown

 Chair: Andrew Fowler 

 Greg Curnow 

 Ben Curtis 

 Chris Henderson 

 Luke Marquis 

Ashley Reichstein

 Chair: Robyn McIntyre

 Peter Bednall

Shayne Flanagan

Megan McDowall

Lara McIntyre

Shaun Meares

 Damien Pansini

 Chair: Erin Gorter 

 Julianne Hill 

 Peter Roberts 

Chris Reichstein

Mt Burdett Farm Gate.jpg

The Farm

Mount Burdett Farm is located north-east of Esperance, Western Australia. The property was originally cleared from bush in 1975 by the Reichstein family.


Chris Reichstein has farmed the land for the past 40 years and recalls the first days of the farm, looking around at the scrub and envisaging the enterprise that was to come. Reflecting back, he considers that his younger self would not have thought possible the levels of productivity the farm has achieved through modern techniques and technology. 

Today, the farming system Chris has established is focused on cropping with a rotation of wheat, barley, canola, lupins, peas and legumes. Over the years he has become determined that the farm is managed in a way that will secure its productivity into the future and is constantly looking to improve the farm's systems. 

In establishing the Mt Burdett Foundation, Chris hopes that the farm can contribute something of importance - both to agriculture and the community.



The Foundation is currently funded by income from the farm, however we welcome contributions from those seeking to invest in our vision and increase the Foundation's impact. Donations can be directed towards either the Mt Burdett Esperance Community Foundation to support initiatives in the Esperance region, or to the Rural and Regional Advancement Foundation to contribution to human capacity building throughout rural and regional WA.


If you would like to make a contribution or partner with us on a project please get in touch.


The Mt Burdett Foundation holds Deducible Gift Recipient status.