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Cultural Responsiveness Training

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

The Esperance Regional Network of Schools received funding to assist with the Cultural Responsiveness Training Project.

The Project aimed to fund 45 staff and 10 school board members from 14 Esperance regional schools to participate in two separate two-day workshops focused on building cultural responsiveness in our schools and community.

Both workshops promote an understanding of traditional Aboriginal society, the effect of settlement and the impact of the past on contemporary Australian culture, as well as promoting cross cultural communication.

Closing the performance gap between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal students is a national education priority and is one of the drivers for improvement in closing the gap in health and wellbeing, employment, housing, justice and safety for aboriginal people. By improving the cultural competency of teachers and staff in the schooling environment across the regions, Esperance schools and the community will be more responsive to the complex needs of Aboriginal students and support their participation, engagement and success in the Education system and the wider community.

Funded by the Esperance Community Advisory Committee.

Other funding bodies:

This project is also funded by First Quantum Minerals, Goldfields Regional Education Office and the Esperance Regional Network of Schools.


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