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Investing to build vibrant, resilient rural communities 

Mount Burdett Farm Crop

What we offer

The Mt Burdett Foundation was founded in 2019 by Esperance farmer Chris Reichstein, as an organisation that would invest in initiatives and people to contribute to a vibrant and resilient future for the Esperance region and throughout rural and regional Western Australia. 

The Foundation has been set up with two funding arms; one supporting projects specifically benefiting the Esperance area and the second to support human capacity building throughout rural and regional communities in WA. 

Hear about the Foundation
Find out more about funding opportunities in:
Our Foundation
Canola Mount Burdett Farm

Our contribution, so far: 

17 projects

  •  Healthcare 

  •  Youth 

  •  Human capacity building 

  •  Education 

  •  Arts & public amenity 

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