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Les Misérables

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

The Esperance Theatre Guild (Inc) received a grant to assist in the production of Les Misérables and to provide professional upskilling to Esperance local creatives.

In the lead up to auditions, Esperance Theatre Guild engaged three professional artists to upskill the local creatives: Mr Brendan Hanson (Musical Theatre Artist-in-Residence), Ms. Nastassja Norwood (WAAPA Stage Combat Instructor) and Mr. Bryan Woltjen ( Dash Arts London Associate).

Introductory Musical Theatre workshops for a 6-12 year old group and an adult group, followed by a series of 6 vocal coaching workshops. The workshops were open to everyone and were provided free of charge to the Esperance community.

The timing of the production linked in with the 50th Esperance Music Festival. The cast preformed some of the items from Les Misérables to help celebrate the landmark Festival followed by the official opening of Les Misérables the following weekend.

Mt Burdett Foundation was the exclusive funding partner. Funded by the Esperance Community Advisory Committee.


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